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Six Of Crows

Kaz, Jesper, Inej, Nina, Matais, and Willie are part of the Dregs. Thief's who steal money from rich people. They have an important job to do but one wrong move could kill them. They must break into a prison but can they survive the challenges of getting in? If they get in. What about the challenges of getting out?

Inej is in the hands of Van Eck and Kaz is ready to do what ever it takes to get her back along with the rest of his crew. With a new job on the line and the crew in trouble from three different enemies, they must dodge traitors, keep their hostage, get their wraith back, and put their lives at risk just to the job done and their money paid. But with the challenges lying ahead for Kaz and the Dregs, will they be able to save Inej and get their money? Or will they be captured and killed? Will this be the end of Kaz Brekker and his crew? Or is it just the beginning?

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