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Rusty was always a curious kittypet wanting to go into the woods. His friend Smudge warned his that wildcats roamed the forests beyond his home but he wouldn’t change his mind. Wandering through the forest he meets a cat. Claws outstretched. Letting out a caterwaul the cat leaps.


Join Rusty on his journey to find his place in the wild and his place in the clan. He has to prove that he is loyal and can get the job done but many challenges will face him but with the help of his friends Greypaw and Ravenpaw. Rusty will find his place.


Before he has a chance to get used tpo everything he is thrown into something he couldn't ever imagine. There is a traitor and only Rusty, Ravenpaw, and Graypaw know of it. The clan leader won't believe two apprentices so they must find proof before this cat strikes again.


Can he prove himself to his clan, to the clans, and most importantly to himself?


The books are not over yet. Look up Erin Hunter and read the rest of the warrior cats series. Special editions included. Along with side stories.


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