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The Year I Became Isabella Anders

Isabella has been neglected by her family her whole life. She's always one step behind Hannah, her sister that the popular girl, the likable girl, and of course the perfect girl in her parents eyes of course. Then there's her neighbors, they're an entirely different story, especially Kai Meyers. Isabella has always loved Kai's brother Kuyler, how could she not, he's the captain of the football team, her'c cute, and he's stuck up for her. There's only one thing getting in the way of that, actually there are a lot of things going on. Something her parents aren't telling her, something big. With the help of Kai she's able to unravel the secrets her parents have so cleverly hidden but those secrets might be to much. Will Isabella be able to cope with these secrets? Will she be able to deal with the humiliation that it might bring? Will she be able to chose which Meyers sibling she's truly in love with.

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