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Wings of Fire

The Dragonet Prophecy

Clay and his friends Tsunami, Starflight, Sunny, and Glory have grown up in a cave under the mountains with the not so nice Talons of Peace. They train for all their lives and don’t know anything beyond the sky through windows in the library and cave walls. A small stream wounds through the caves. Does it lead to their freedom? Can they fulfill the prophecy weighing down their shoulders? Who shall they choose? When does their story end? Will they get caught before they finish their quest? Will they survive the world set before them full of cages, queens, hostile dragons, deaths, and the Nightwings? Each dragonet wants their home but will it be what they hope for. Maybe Clay’s family isn’t what he thought it would be. Maybe it’s not what he wanted. Maybe the dragonets he grew up with is the only family he ever really had. It’s time for him to find out.


The Lost Heir

They’re free, and heading home. Will to the homes they hope will be there. Tsunami is first diving into the waves headfirst, leading her to the home she has never known. Maybe she is the lost princess. Maybe she’s not. Will the dragonets survive being in the watery depths? Will they meet the first princess? Well that’s for Queen Coral to decide. They are in the Kingdom of the Sea after all. Since Seawings and Mudwings don't see eye to eye Clay might be to underwater to get away if a Seawing desides to attack maybe even Queen Coral might. Tsunami has returned home but maybe her home isn’t what she wanted after all.


The Hidden Kingdom

After the ordeal with Queen Coral, Glory along with her friends are heading to the Rainforest Kingdom. Filled with Rainwings, but they’re not the the only ones who are in the rainforest. Rainwings have started to go missing. First it was only one then more. The Rainwing Queen hasn’t done a thing to get them back and Glory starts to worry about them. Her home might not be perfect but she will do what she can to help her tribe and do all she can to get the missing dragon's back. Before the mysterious thing or things can abduct more Rainwings.


The Dark Secret

Starflight has heard all his life that the Nightwing’s are deadly and dangerous but he’s not. He’s told that he’s a failure and that he might be a disgrace to all Nightwing’s. After a brief talk Starflight is off while being carried off to meet his tribe whether he wants to or not. He soon learns about the hidden kingdom of the Nightwings which is across a sea and on a island of ash. The Nightwing’s hunt dead animals. Starflight soon learns that the Nightwing’s have other plans. Plans that concern the Dragonet Prophecy. Maybe they’re not the only dragonets of destiny? Maybe he has a replacement? Maybe they all have a replacement? Maybe the Nightwings have already chosen the next Sandwing Queen? Maybe they have plans for themselves that no dragon not even him would have dreamed of. Maybe his tribe wasn’t the tribe he wants to be in. Maybe his home will always be with his friends. Maybe he’ll make new friends. Or maybe he’ll die. Maybe, just maybe the Nightwings actually made up the prophecy.


The Brightest Night

Sonny is horrified to hear that Starflight was injured when the volcano erupted. It has been confirmed that the Nightwing’s made up the prophecy but she won’t stop trying to end the war. Before she can reach him she’s snatched up. But by who and what? Now she meets a Sandwing names Thorn. Who may be more important than any of the dragon’s realize. It’s time for the final choice. Blister, Blaze, or Burn. They have the Eye of Onyx. The next Sandwing queen will be chosen soon. Who said it had to be one of the princess’s though?


The story is not over yet read the Wings of Fire series 2 continuation for new characters and a new prophecy.

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