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The Hunger Games

Katniss never wanted to be in the hunger games. She never wanted to be a pawn in the capitals entertainment. When her sister Prim is chosen to enter the most dangerous game, Katniss must choose. Save her sister and die fighting or let her sister die and keep hunting for her mother. Katniss will not let her sister die in the hands of the Capital. It's time she fights. For what she believes in, for her family, but never for the Capitol.


Catching Fire

It's time for Katniss to enter the Hunger Games for a second time. The Capital has figured out that she is the key to stop the rebellion. Kill her. Stop the rebelliance. 



The Capital has Peeta. Katniss is the Mockingjay. The Capital must fall or everyone will die. The rebelliance isn't what Katniss thought it was. Someone in the rebelliance is working with the Capitol. Actually they're the Capitol's next ruler. The one who was ruling her.

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