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Big Warning - This book has major Trigger Warning. Read at your own discretion. This book has many inappropriate parts that can cause someone to be slightly anxious so read with caution. If you don'y like abuse do not continue to read.

Nothing Left To Lose

Anna has a problem and a big one. On her birthday her boyfriend was killed right in front of her and his death plagues her to this day. She was taken by the man who killed him and was raped and abused beyond belief. So far that her parents can't even touch her without her breaking down and crying. She even needs a bodyguard as the man who raped her is put on trial. There's only one problem, Ashton Taylor, the man who was sent to protect her. Yeah, she kind of fell for him but Jack's death continues to haunt her. Can she move on or will Jack's death always be at the back of her mind? Will she be able to accept Ashton's affections or will she reject him? Will she ever be able to move past and live.

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