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Em has never know her biological parents, but she wants to. Ever since her parents found her wrapped up in a ballerina blanket Em's dream has been to be a professional dancer. There's only one problem, she's always second best, and she's in love with her brother's best friend Nick. Who just happens to be the son of the man that fired her father. Something that has her father trying to keep her away from him. Something that Nick's

A Summer Like No Other

father is also doing. But the two have agreed to a truce that allows them to be something more than friends for the summer while they try and find Em's mom. As they dig deeper they find a deeper conspiracy that could tear apart both Nick and Em's families. Will Nick and Em risk finding out what's hidden or will they leave it be? Will they break the truce after the summer ends or will Em be the one to change Nick's player ways? Most important will Em find her mother?

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