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Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Jacob's grandfather has always been an rather odd. Believing in monsters and thinking that someones out to get him. The thing is, Jacob's not sure if it's all a lie. Soon after his grandfather dies Jacob sees something that reminds him

strangely of his grandfather's stories. Could his grandfather be telling the truth about these people after him? Jacob slowly begins to see things similar to what his grandfather saw and starts to realize that this world is so much bigger than the world he's come up with in his head. These people his grandfather used to tell him about, they're real. Real and right now he has to work with them to save himself and his new friends that's he created. But he has to do it without Mrs. Peregrine, the mysterious woman who his grandfather always talking about. Can Jacob defeat the people after him or will they kill him and his friends? Will Jacob be willing to sacrifice everything to save his loved ones? Can Jacob turn back the time to fix everything before it even happens? Can Jacob be the hero everyone wants him to be?

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