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The Mark of the Dragonfly

All her life Piper has wanted to leave Scraptown 16. She lives on her own doing everything she can to earn some coin to pay for food and clothing. Ever since her father died Piper has hated King Aron of the Dragonfly Territories. When her friend Micah stays out during a meteor shower Piper goes out to save him defying the laws of her Monarch, King Aron. Along the way she meets a young girl named Anna who was in a caravan during the meteor storm. Anna is not what Piper would define as normal. She has no memory, is a complete bookworm, and allways says two things, “Fight or flight. Choose flight.” or something about some “wolf.” Can Piper keep this wolf away and choose flight leaving behind everything she knows and everyone she cares about. Setting out on the 401, a train that runs to Noveen or their destination. Before the wolf gets them.


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