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The Maze Runner

The Maze Runner

Thomas has no idea who he is but it might not be good. After he came to the maze weird things are happening. He survived a night in the maze. No one has done that. A girl comes to the maze the first and the last fore no more Greenbeans are coming now. They’re on their own now.


The Scorch Trials

The maze is all Wckd. Now on the run being chased by Wckd, Cranks, and they don’t know who to trust. Not even themselves. After meeting Brenda, a girl from one of the survival camps, things start to look up. Their good fortune doesn’t last. After all a world full of zombie’s would probably snuff out any hope they’ve had. Now it’s them against everyone and things are not going well. When one is working with Wckd betrayal is all that matters. For a step out of place, and the last hope for the world is gone. The cure for disease is gone.


The Death Cure

It’s time to seek out the truth. Thomas has survived the maze and the scorch. He’s done listening to Wckd. It’s time he gets back what they’ve taken from him. His memory, his friends, and his life. The truth is what he wants but it might be the end of the line for him and for those who follow him.


The Kill Order

There has to be a way to save those who are left. If they can stay alive. Before everything happened, before Wckd, before the glade, and before Thomas entered the maze. Sun flares hit the Earth, killing most of the population. There is no cure, there is no escape. Besides the end is only the begining.

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