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Wings of Fire

All her life Moon has learned that Nightwing's do have powers but she can't find the reason why she has powers and the other don't. She attends the Jade Mountain school which is run by the dragonets of destiny. There she meets a bubbly Rainwing named Kinajou, a sweet Sandwing named Quibly, an angry Icewing named Winter, and Winters sister Icicle. Can they stop a new threat that threatens to destory everything and kill the dragonets of destiny.










Winter is the Icewing Prince. Growing up in the Icewing palace isn't the life everyone would hope for. Icewings are trained for battle. Growing up with rankings. Lowest ranking get stranded at the farthest post of the Ice Kingdom. Winter slowly warms up to Moon but still can’t trust her. She did after all read his thoughts and might have seen things she could use against him and he will not allow that.












Peril doesn't want to end up alone. Clay is the only one who can even touch her. Well without dying from burns that is. It still hurts. The last thing Peril wants to do is hurt someone so when the chance comes to her she takes it. Setting off to help Turtle find the rest of the Jade Winglet. When they run into them things take an unxpected turn. Maybe the Jade Winglet doesn't actually need her help, maybe she isn't fit to be a hero, and maybe she is a killer. Theres only one way to find out. She needs to find Queen Scarle.

Turtle has a secret, He's an animus, a dragon with a magical gift and only his friends know. He has two problems, he has to stay hidden from Darkstalker another animus, and he has to keep his sister Anemone away from him as well. Right now, he's failing at both of those things. Will Turtle rise to the challenge or will he cower in fear? Is Darkstalker truly bad or is there another side of him? Most importantly will the Jade Winglet fulfill the prophecy or will Jade Mountain fall?

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