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Adeline has lived her whole life in fear. Hunted by her king because she is a malfetto, abused by her father, and in envy of her sister Violetta. When she gets the chance Adeline chooses flight and runs away accidentally killing her father in the process. Now arrested for murder Adeline has one chance to survive. After being mysteriously saved by a malfetto she soon learns that he is the prince himself. She joins his group of malfeas on their mission to kill the king. Along the way Adeline will face multiple decisions that will determine her fate. Betrayal, love, and hatred. Can they survive, or will they forever be haunted by the king and his general, who is actually a malfetto himself?

Adeline is still searching for a way to revive Enzo with her new Rose Society but the Daggers are slowly getting in the way. Teren still haunts her and she can't shake the feeling. Will Adeline be able to hold herself together? Will Adeline be able to keep her sisters faith? Will she still be the same girl Enzo first met? Or will she be a killed? Still hunted with barely a chance to survive Adeline must keep her friends safe but at what cost. Will she be able to revive Enzo? Will she still be the person Enzo once loved? Will she even survive?

Book 3

The Young Elites

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